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Ayurved’, a well acclaimed Indian Medical Science, is closely knit with day to day lives of millions of Indians. In true sense it is a life style rather than a plain medical science. Ayurved is getting recognized through out the world. Many of the countries are seeking knowledge form this Indian ancient medical science. Ayurved is gaining much popularity among the western and Middle East countries. Many of the medical professionals are keenly interested to acquire knowledge from this medical science. These countries need knowledge with a scientific statistical data. It is now a responsibility of each and every Ayurvedic professional, student and academic person that they must work on scientific grounds, take help of modern research methods to prove this Indian system of medicine efficient and capable of treating metabolic disorders. We must not be surprised that western people are showing keen interest in learning this medical science. Under this circumstances a dire need, not only in India but all over the world is felt to make people aware about life style prescribed by Ayurved and its benefits.

Keeping this in mind, a group of experts totally devoted to the cause of Ayurveda have come together to spread the message of Ayurveda and established a foundation ‘Atreya Pratishthan’. The name ‘Atreya’ is derived from the great scholar of Ayurveda Maharshi Atreya. The foundation is based at the world famous city of ‘Aurangabad’ in the state of Maharashtra in India. The objects of the foundation are providing training, research and all types of services in the field of Ayurveda.

A panel of experienced and devoted experts in the field of Education, Research, Drug manufacturing, hospital management in Ayurved with long earned reputation and experience at University, State and Central Government level are putting their expertise in the activities of ‘Atreya Pratishthan’.

‘Atreya Pratishthan’ since its establishment is initiating multiple activities to make people know, feel and live Ayurved. These activities include organization of a lecture series for students from Ayurved colleges, imparting drug development and analysis training to a record attendance of 2000 students, organization of free diabetes diagnostic camps supplemented with lectures for general public for bringing awareness in Ayurved.

‘Atreya Pratishthan’ thus is an organization engaged in research, training and propagation of Ayurved. It offers an opportunity to students for receiving advanced and genuine training of Ayurveda from India’s most renowned and reputed teachers in Ayurvedic medicine. Our faculty includes experienced professors of Ayurved, renowned experts from biochemistry, microbiology and pharmacy. This faculty gives a multidimensional approach to the students working in the field of research in Ayurvedic medicine. The faculty has extensive experience in research and teaching both Indian and foreign students at specialized levels.

Specialized training for 2nd and 3rd BAMS and M.D students.

  • Special applied training along with important practical in Rasashastra and Bhaishajya kalpana.
  • Standardization concepts and practical concerned with standardization.
  • Applied concepts of Dosha Dhatu Mala Vidyan.
  • Charak Samhita along with Commentary of Chakrapani Datta
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics of Ayurved medicine.
  • Applied Pharmacology of modern medicine.
  • Pathology and Nidan.
  • Applied Sanskrit to interpret Ayurved literature.
  • Communication skills.

3rd BAMS course

  • Kaya chikitsa.
  • Applied surgery in Ayurved.
  • Principals of general medicine.

Short term and week end training programmes in following subjects conducted

  • 1. Research methods in Ayurved.
  • 2. Medical statistics and its application in Ayurved field.
  • 3. Application of Bio technology in Ayurved.
  • 4. Instrumentation and its application in Ayurved research. (Training of HPLC,UV and IR spectroscopy, Flame photometer, Thin layer chromatography etc).
  • 5. Training for analysis of herbs, minerals and medicinal formulations.
  • 6. Short term courses of pharmacology of Ayurved medicines which includes pharmacology, kinetics and drug interactions.
  • 7. Specialized training for Standardization of different Ayurved drug formulations.
  • 8. Specially designed modules on study of Samhita are the Ayurved classical tests.
  • 9. Consultations for Ayurved laboratory set up.
  • 10. Consultations for Ayurved formulation in cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Facilities available at our research center

  • Guidance and technical support for research projects and thesis work of M.D and PhD students.
  • Statistical assistance for research projects.
  • Standardization of drugs for research students and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Hormonal and biochemical analysis for the students undertaking research projects.
  • Microbiological, sterility and chemical testing facility for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Free research library for Ayurved students and practitioners.
  • A/C hall for training equipped with LCD projector.

Work conducted at our research center

  • 1. Mandur bhasma ka shodhit tatha ashodhit Kaphaj pandu ke rugna par tulnatmak abhyas.
  • 2. To study the effect of Vrudha daru with special reference with rasayana.
  • 3. Comparative Physico chemical study of Lohasav prepared by conventional method and by alcohol addition.
  • 4. Effect of Shatavari on prolactin levels of normal females.
  • 5. Effect of avippatikar mishran on Parinam shool.
  • 6. Comparative study of Gokshur and Yavakshar on Mutra krucha.
  • 7. Physico chemical study of Triphala choorna,Triphala mashi prepared by Antardhoom and Bahirdhoom method.
  • 8. Comparative study of Shatadhut gruta and Yashtimadhu siddha Shatadhaut gruta on anal fissures.
  • 9. Effect of T.cordifolia on DHEA-S levels.
  • 10. Logical interpretation of Shodhan and maran dravyas used in Ras tarangini.
  • 11. To study the Physico chemical properties of Nachani satva and to evaluates its mineral content.
  • 12. Physico chemical properties of Arogywardhini and Triphala guggul of different market preparations.
  • 13. Comparative study of Ghruta , butter and cheese prepared by modern and conventional method.
  • 14. Standardization of uttar basti.
  • 15. Comparative study of Choorna, Kwath, extract , Swaras and phanta of Shatavari , Gulvel Punarnava and Haridra for its anti microbial activity.
  • 16. Role of Ashwagandha and Yashtimadhu on Androgenic baldness.
  • 17. Physico chemical and microbial changes in Shatavari and Ashwagandha caltivated my vedic method and modern method.
  • 18. Evolution of Anti oxidant property of Shatavari by DPPH method.
  • 19. Physico chemical investigation of Nagbhasma, vanga bhasma, Loha bhasma nad Tamra nhasma.
  • 20. FITR studies of Nag , Vanga, Tamra and Loha bhasma as per the putas.
  • 21. Accelerated stability studies of some herbas dravyas.
  • 22. Standardization and Physico chemical studies of honey and rasanjan.
  • 23. Effect of Shigrupatra swaras on hypertension with reference with Apolipoprotein -B
  • 24. Physico chemical changes in Ashuddha , Jal shodhit and triphala shodhit guggul ( C.mukul).
  • 25. Effect of Ashwagandha and Yestimadhu on DHEAS level.
  • 26. Study of Aushadha sevan kala with respect to circadian cycle.
  • 27. Isolation of Withanolide from Ashwagandha.

 Atreya Pratishthan

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