Medical Tourism

Jeevan Rekha ayurved Chikitsalaya is has developed inhouse management centre very close to world famous caves of Ellora. This centre has been developed in a natural environment which is very close to Aurangabad.

The centre itself has natural surrounding of mountains, trees and lakes. The atmosphere over the centre is completely pollution free and is environmental friendly.

The central caries higher spiritual values which takes us very close to nature. This environment helps us to treat the diseases in the natural way.

Our organisation has made different type of managements available under expertise guidance.

Many people who have a very hectic work schedule find it difficult to undergo certain management of Ayurveda in their daily work schedule. Jeevan rekha has made management's like obesity, cardiac disorders, anti aging treatments, body pampering treatments, massages available at this centre living very close to nature.

The stay facility is also very unique and nature friendly which gives healing touch to the people living over there.

The people staying for the management or therapies have an unique facility to pluck the vegetables from the fields and prepare them as per their recipes and taste. The grains, fruits and vegetables are grown in completely organic environment helps for the faster healing of the diseases.

People all over the globe visits this centre for a peace with health.

Jeevan Rekha conducts following programs at the centre.

7 days inhouse program for obesity and allied disorders.

Complete in house Detox program for 15 days.

Shirodhara and shirobasti for disorders like insomnia, anxiety and bipolar disorders.

Body pampering treatments like steam baths, exclusive facials and massages.

Expert opinions from doctors regarding lifestyle and phenotype diets.

Yoga Vidya Gurukul is n unique residential centre for yoga and ayurveda treatments. It is just 4 km parts from famous trimbakeshwar Temple and 22 km from Nashik. It is well connected by road and Railway with Mumbai.

Apart from yoga Retreat yoga treatment avail developed facility for panchakarma has been made available the Gurukul. The Panchakarma facility is an 5 star facility where advice from experts from the field of Ayurveda can be availed.

Experts in Ayurveda extender services at yoga vidya Gurukul who can guide regarding ayurved Lifestyle, ayurveda dietetics, ayurved diagnosis and Ayurveda therapies.

People all over the globe avail this facility of yoga Vidya Gurukul who stay there for ayurvedic therapies in a highly spiritual, peaceful and secured atmosphere. Ayurveda therapies like vamam, verechan,nasti ,nasya ,raktamokshan are conducted under the guidance of expert therapist. Apart from the above therapies specialised therapies, different type of massages, herbal steam therapies are also made available. Procedures like shirodhara, abhyanga, shirobasti are also made available.

Along with the above facility ayurved Lifestyle is practised and taught to the needy people.

Weight reduction program, programs for diabetes and cardiac disorders, classes for spine problems and arthritis are also conducted. Customise programs are also designed as per the need of the patient.

Along with the stay facility satvik food is also made available for the people who are under different management and stay there to get them self detoxified or achieve disease free status.