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Chemistry and Pharmacology of Ayurvedic Medicinal plant.
Concept of Rasayan.

2. Concept of Rasayan.

Rasayan is an important branch of Ayurved among the eight branches explained by Ayurved scholars. This branch is directly related to improve the quality of life as well as life expectancy. Thus, this branch can be co related with ageing expects of life and helps to keep a person healthy through out life. Many therapies, procedures, herbs and metals are known to have rasayan activity.

By the virtue of modern medicine and technology many theories of ageing have been elaborated. In this book “ Concepts of Rasayan” these ageing theories are well elaborated and are compared with rasayan effects of Ayurved. Rasayan medicines are having different  effects . Some may have anti oxidant ativity, some may impart immuno modulatory activity , some may exert anti glysation activity or some may have an impact on cellular and hormonal activities. All these effects can be collectively called as the effect of rasayan. This comparative study of rasayan and modern ageing theories is well explained in this particular book. Pharmacology of herbs which are explained as rasayan is well explained.

Ayurved also explains the causes of diseases and ageing like predominance of vata dosha, ama and dysregulation of agni. Author has tried to elaborate these factors and have made an attempt to compare it with modern medical concepts. Importance of langhan, its rasayan effects ( calorie restriction ) and Sadavritta ( code of conduct) are also well explained and compared with modern theories of ageing.

This is one of the book of its own kind which has elaborated the activities of rasayan on the basis of modern medicine and bio chemistry.
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