Certification Program

Diploma Course

 One year Diploma course in Ayurved Dietetics

Introducing an Integrative course on pharmacology and phyto chemistry of Ayurved herbs

Course Contents

  • Concept of Agni and it's critical view through bio chemical approach
  • Concept of AMA
  • Importance of Shadarasa and it's bio chemical interpretation.
  • Pharmacology of shadrasa and it's tissue receptors.
  • Interpretation and pharmacology of Karma. Eg How lekhan, Deepan, Pachan, Hrudya, medicines work at a molecular level.
  • Free radical theory, lipid peroxidation and it's roots in Ayurved.
  • Antioxidants of Ayurved origin and its role in desease prevention and cure.
  • Pharmacalogy of Rasayan medicine and cellular level.
  • Pharmacology of Adraya Chikitsa For Eg. biochemical and molecular impacts of Langhan
  • Phytochemical in Ayurved medicines.
  • Pharmacology of sterols and steroids present in Ayurved medicinal herbs.
  • Pharmacology of Alkaloids
  • Pharmacology of Tannins.
  • Pharmacology of Flavonoids and Flavones.
  • Pharmacology of Individual herbs.
  • Guggul
  • Aloe
  • Shatavari
  • Arjun
  • Yeshtimadhu etc.