PCOD is a disease where cyst are seen in the ovaries of the females showing different symptoms.

Symptoms of PCOD varies from person to person and are different in different ages.

In young age aur teenage girls start putting on their weight which acne on the face. Girls also have tanning on the skin specially on the neck, below the arms and breast and on the metacarpal joints.

Some females also get amenorrhea or absence of menustration, or irregular menses. Females me also face symptoms like heavy bleeding in menustration.

In adolescence age female my land into metabolic syndrome, diabetes and me also get difficulty in conception.

In older age chances of cervical or ovarian cancer also increases.

Females having sedentary Lifestyle, having wrong food habits are more likely to have PCOD. PCOD is also genetic disorder.

Sonography of abdomen and pelvis along with certain hormones like serum insulin, luteinizing hormone and follicular stimulating hormone are some of the important investigations for PCOD.

Fertility of PCOD patient depends on a AMH level. If AMH levels are very high then it becomes difficult for PCOS patient to get conceived.

Usually certain treatments are proved to be helpful to get pCOD patient conceived.

Contraceptive pills or menstrual regulating pills do not have any action on the basic pathology of PCOD. Jeevan Rekha PCOD management works on insulin resistance at ovarian level and correct fsh LH ratio. So it is not necessary to continue contraceptive pills along with Jeevan Rekha PCOD management.

Unwanted facial hair growth and acne are due to testosterone receptors on the face. Jeevan Rekha PCOD management has an effect on aromatization at ovarian level. As pCOD gets treated slowly the hair growth gets restricted and acne disappears with Jeevanrekha PCOD management.

PCOD is classified into two types.

  • 1 thin PCOD
  • 2 obese PCOD,

Jeevan Rekha PCOD management have developed different formulations for the above two types. In obese PCOD the formulation has been designed such that weight along with PCOD is managed.

The duration of treatment depends on person to person, severity of disease and symptoms.

As the basic Pathology of PCOD is insulin resistance both thin and obese patients patient should undergo certain dietary regime advised by the doctor.

Consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates, excess of fats, junk food should be restricted basically in PCOD.

Obese PCOD patient should be under calorie restricted diet and have high protein diet.

PCOD patient weather or obese should undergo certain type of exercises regularly.

Endurance type of exercises are must for obese PCOD patient. Many PCOD patient have mental stress or depression, along with exercise meditation, pranayam and yoga is also advised in PCOD.


Arthritis is a disease of joints. In this disease joints and its peripheral area gets inflamed. There is pain in joints and the movements are restricted.

There are many types of arthritis seen in the patients. The common types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

The symptoms of arthritis varies according to the type of arthritis and the cause of arthritis. Usually there is pain in the affected joint and the movements are restricted. The extra articular symptoms differs as per the type of arthritis.

In osteoarthritis there is a wear and Tear of the joint so it is more over seen weight bearing joints and Lambar joints. Usually this pain gets aggravated after exertion or walk.

In rheumatoid arthritis there is morning stiffness in the joint and the joints get swollen. Along with this symptom low grade fever, maliase, loss of appetite and weakness is observed in some patients.

In gout the greater toe of legs is mostly involved and severe pain and inflammation is seen in the region.

To Diagnose arthritis x-ray of the affected joint, blood test like eSR, cRP, anti CCP antibody, uric acid and hemogram are helpful to diagnose arthritis.

Persons whose immune system is weak and severe viral infections like Chikungunya are more prone to get post viral arthritis.

In The initial phase of the disease rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and go out which are the common type of arthritis can be cured with herbal management.

Wrong lifestyle, genetic predisposition, wrong dietary habits are some of the causes of arthritis. There are Certain causes which can be controlled to prevent arthritis. Those are being overweight, smoking, sedentary Lifestyle, infections, injuries to the joint.

There are some causes which are not in our hands they are called as uncontrollable causes. Those are age, genetic predisposition, gender, climatic and environmental conditions and early life exposure.

Jeevan Rekha Arthritis management have developed customised formulations as per the diagnosis, status of the disease and phenotype of the patient.

Different formulations for different disorders are developed which are advocated along with the particular diet. The medicines used in the formulations are metal free, Guggul free and steroid free. In Rheumatoid arthritis the formulations of Jeevan Rekha targets the immune system, inflammation and Agni of the patient. Immuno modulators like curcumin, Tinocardin certain flavonoids and alkaloids work to pacify the symptoms. The formulations doesn't exert any untoward effects and no need for recurrent blood checkups. These formulations can we use concurrently along with disease modifying drugs of modern medicines.

In osteoarthritis herbal formulations exert their effect by inhibiting leukotrienes and prostaglandins. The medicines also exert their effect on osteoporotic changes of the joints.

In gouty arthritis certain formulations which corrects the purine metabolism and reduce inflammation are used for the patient along with specific dietary controls.

Arthritis is chronic joint disorder where prolong treatments are advised. The duration of treatment solely depends on the status of disease, severity of the symptoms and to the medicine.

Jeevan Rekha arthritis formulations exert their anti inflammatory effect by inhibiting cytokines and interleukins. This will give a slow and study in pain killing activity. if the severity of the pain is more then additional herbal anti inflammatory formulations can be prescribed.

Regular exercise like walking if possible brisk walk for at least 30 minutes everyday is advised for the patient of obesity.

Weight should be controlled by going for calorie restricted diet.

Habits like tobacco, smoking should be avoided.

Person having gout should restrict with alcohol.

Flexibility exercises should be performed regularly.

Follow diet control as advised.


Jeevan Rekha ki shyam is hair growth and hair Restoration management in which different management are clubbed together for the betterment of hair growth and maintenance.

Jeevan Rekha keshyam comprises of platelet reactivated plasma therapy along with stimulation hair roots. The treatment also contains certain standardise herbal management in which the Herbs are intended to have a better hair growth and healthy hair growth.

Jeevanrekha keshyam also includes certain blended and processed oils which maintain healthiness of scalp and prevent infections to the scalp.

Platelet reactivated plasma therapy vision therapy where plasma rich in growth factors is injected over the scalp. This treatment repair the damage collagen improve the elasticity and hyaluronic acid of the skin. It is the safest management ever for hair growth and hair restoration.

Along with pRP treatment jeevanrekha ke shyam offers certain herbal management which have multiple mode of action.

Apart from treating collagen the herbal management also works to prevent testosterone to deoxy testosterone which is useful in treating androgenic baldness. The herbal blend used in Jeevan Rekha keshyam is an unique medicine which increases blood flow towards the hair roots. The formulation also helps in nourishing the hairs.

It depends on the amount of hair fall or the amount of baldness. Generally 3-4 settings are needed to get desired results.

30 to 45 days interval is sufficient time between 2 settings.

Jeevanrekha keshyam is absolutely safe. It doesn't have any allergic or systemic side effect.

Certain diet control likes control of excess salt consumption, packed food and junk food, tobacco and smoking is restricted along with treatment.

Treatment can be taken in people Having male or female type baldness. Those who are having severe hair fall, those who have started with androgenic baldness, those youngsters whose hairlines are going on the backside can have this treatment.

 Analytical Services

JAS is a advanced well equipped research laboratory . which includes complete analysis of food,water and drugs.

Sample should be Submitted to laboratory in a clean container ,which is properly labeled.

It is totally depend on the tests to be analyzed.

Payment can be done online or by cheque.

Yes, we have microbiological lab and we do microbial analysis.

We can provide some advice regarding testing as well as we do research counseling by our research panel.

We will be happy to discuss pricing with you and assist with coming up with the most cost effective ways of testing. Formal cost estimates can be provided as an official written quote.

A: No. An invoice is sent out shortly after analysis and after payment you will receive your results report.

A: Some analytical tests have specific hold times, which mean that the sample must be preserved, or the analysis commenced, within a specified time frame. JAS can provide information on this when discussing sampling and analysis requirements. If in doubt, we recommend that samples are submitted within 24hrs of sampling.

Ans:- This treatment is multi targeted treatment where number of factor which are disturbed in the body are corrected. This is totally a medical management for obesity , where weight reduction is one of the aim of the treatment. These medicine works by the mechanism of antioxidant, this medicine regulates number of hormones like ghrelin, leptin, thyroid, cholecystokinin. It also exerts its effect on leptin and insulin resistance. By this virtue it helps to keep satiety center active and hence helps to keep eagerness to eat under control. Diet control is also an important part of this treatment. With a proper and calculated diet a person can achieve the target for weight reduction is a short time

Ans:- Nearly 9500 patents have undergone this treatment up till date which include men , women and even children’s who have shown good response with this treatment.

Ans:- Up till date no serious side effects are observed with this treatment, some of the patients may show marginal hair fall which can be corrected by change in diet and medicine.

Ans:- Medicated oil which is used in this treatment is having some special properties for weight reduction. The specialized procedures done over it increases the active component of the oil which exerts very strong anti oxidant activity. Secondly the medicine increases the oxidation of fatty acids in the liver and helps for weight reduction.

Ans:- Apart from the previous explanation the tablets reduces the uptake of fats from the intestines and also exerts its effect on fatty liver. The medicine also exerts its effects on gluconeogenesis thus preventing further fat development in the body.

Ans:- No There are number of underlying causes of obesity and over weight is the end result of these causes. For a perfect management of obesity it is important to find the underlying cause and target it. This can be a better management for obesity.

Ans:- No metals are used in all these medicines at all. The medicines which are used are totally standardized and they are subjected to robust analytical investigation in our own research laboratories before dispensing it to the patients.

Ans:- There are many chances that once weight is reduced a person may put on again. The most important task is to maintain weight what ever is reduced. For that purpose optimum control over diet is required. Every food substance can be consumed after achieving the target of weight reduction but limits which are designed by us are to be strictly followed. One must learn compensation in dietary schedules. This will be well explained by our trained panel of doctors

Ans:- As the treatment given by us is customized treatment over weight patients having hypo thyroidism can also opt for this treatment any way the medicines for hypo thyroidism are to be continued

Ans:- Basically all fruits contain fructose which ultimately gets converted into glucose and then into fats, though fruits contain abundant fibers the fructose present in fruits is known to stimulate ghrelin which increases appetite and renders the person to have more food.

Ans:- The fact is that vegetables contain abundant fibers and fibers are known to reduce the calorie intake of the person. The mechanism of which viscous soluble fibers reduce the absorption of dietary fat is believed related to that these fibers form gels in the gastrointestinal tract, and thereby retarding the breakdown and absorption of fats. Dietary fibers are also known to reduce hunger and increase satiety. But all fibers are not of the same quality. Some of the fibers are derived from cellulose, semi cellulose, inulin, pectin, lignan and resistant starch I – IV. These have different impact on the digestive capacity of an individual. As per Ayurved theories digestive system plays an important role in the initial pathology of obesity. , thus vegetable are avoided for first few days in this treatment.

Ans:- The rate of reduction varies from person to person. It also depends on which type of treatment someone is getting. The rate of reduction also depends on BMR, associated disorder or underlying hormonal disorders and much more. A normal person with our routine treatment can reduce weight upto 2-5 kg with in first six days and there after 2-5 kg / per month

Ans:- Osteo arthritis is one of the dreadful complications of obesity. A obese person mostly faces knee and back pain in his life which effects the persons life style. This treatment have saved knee replacement of hundreds of patients those have successfully reduced their weight. Apart from this the medicine used for obesity also has an good effect in inhibiting the pathology of osteoarthritis.

Ans:- Research has shown an association between obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes. Major link between obesity and insulin resistance is a high level of free fatty acids,. 'When the levels of free fatty acids circulating in the blood stream are too high, which is usually the case in obesity, they cause insulin resistance and seem to simultaneously set off inflammation. Inflammation may provide the missing link to many of the metabolic disorders. Being overweight places extra stress on body in a variety of ways, including body’s ability to maintain proper blood glucose levels. In fact, being overweight can cause body to become resistant to insulin. Thus reducing weight is every time beneficial to a diabetic patient who is obese. If a person is overweight, even a small weight loss can prevent diabetes - or prolong the chance that a person will develop the disease - even if he or she falls into a high risk category. For a diabetic person, this small weight loss can reduce the amount of medication needed, as well as help prevent common complications associated with diabetes, such as blindness, stroke and heart attacks.

Ans:- This treatment is very safe for the persons who are on Insulin. The only think they have to do is to adjust their insulin dose when they are on strict diet controls and monitoring sugar levels regularly.

Ans:- Like diabetes this treatment is very safe with a person having heart attacks and high blood pressure also. It has been researched by our team that controlled calorie consumption keeps blood pressure under control. As this treatment has a n positive effect of fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerides it is very safe for the treatment of heart attacks. Number of patients has been prevented from landing into angioplasty and bypass surgery of heart

Ans:- A person has to continue all his previous medicine after consulting with his treating physician. Medicines for blood pressure , sugar can be reduced after perfect monitoring the levels.

Ans:- No hazards drug inter action are observed with our treatment and allopathic medicine. Although it is very important to show all the drugs a patient is taking to your treating doctor and takes a advice in this context.

Ans:- The duration of treatment depends from person to person and secondly on the amount of weight a person has to reduce. It also depends on how a person controls his diet.

Ans:- Apart from weight reduction many positive effects are observed with this treatment. Patients get confidence in his day to day work, efficiency of work improves, weakness gets relived, improvement in the texture of skin is observed, tanning over the skin gets reduced, fatty changes in liver decreases, deranged values of cholesterol , triglycerides gets regulated, joint pains if any due to weight gets relived

Ans:- A person who is over weight is advised to reduce weight at any given age with appropriate medication and diet controls suitable to that age. Medicine and diet controls vary according to age and associated disorders.

Ans:- Many a times fertility of women is effected due over weigh, over weight also causes some irregularities in menstrual cycle. Reducing weight corrects these problems and improves sterility. This treatment have also benefited to those obese ladies who were sterile. The percentage of PCOS is day by increasing in teen age girls. This problem can also be kept under control after weight reduction

Ans:- This treatment will not have any harmful effects on the menstruation cycle

Ans:- The texture of the skin gets improved after weight reduction, because of the reduction of excess of subcutaneous fats deposited under the skin. Recurrent infections in the joints, blackness over the skin and excess of sweating are reduced.

Ans:- Many people who reduce weight face with a marginal hair fall depending from person to person. Many hormonal and deficiency disorders are know to create hair fall If you let us know our physicians can make change in your diet and medicine which can stop hair fall.

Ans:- It depends on the amount of fats a person is going to loose and age. Our skin has elastic tissues which helps the person to keep his skin intact. This elastic tissues gets weak as age advances. So those elderly people who loose considerable weight may get their skin loose but young ones will not face the problem. Any way if people with weight loss gets loosen their skin, our research team has developed some anti wrinkling packs, and lotions which will to keep skin intact.

Ans:- Obesity is such a dreadful disease that a person if over weight develops a problem with low sperm cont and erectile dysfunction. Reducing weight can improve the quality of sperm and reduce the complain of erectile dysfunction.

Ans:- The concept of using oil is to get all the essential fatty acids which are body need to carry different functions .All essential fatty acids our body needs is not available in any one given oil. So it is ideal to use mixed vegetable oil like peanut, safflower, sunflower, soybean ext. One can use sesame oil or olive oil regularly. Irrespective to any oil person oil the consumption of oil must not go above 400 ml/month. People those who consume ghee must use 100 ml of ghee (Clarified butter) and 300 ml of oil /month/person.

Ans:- Milk is highly nutritious substance with high amount of saturated fats. Apart from this it contains casein and lactogen which again have some bad effects on our digestive system. Milk is heavy substance to get digested. A substance heavy for digestion is not allowed in obesity.

Ans:- The investigation may vary from person to person and their symptoms. Routinely investigation like thyroid function, extended lipid profile, Serum insulin levels, Growth hormones, blood sugar levels and haemogram are advised.

Ans:- It is very important to get understand that what ever a person does for obesity, he has to maintain for a life time period. When a patient is on diet control program he as to be one strict diet controls. When he is off the program every food stuff will be allowed but in limits. Limits can be designed on the occupation and life style of the patient.

Ans:- It depends on the status of the patient.

Ans:- Surely, sugar free tablets like saccharine, Aspartame, Sucralose, can be used as sweetener in tea.

Ans:- When a person is on our weight management program he can't have coffee which have high caffeine content which slows down metabolism.

Ans:- Yes, higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides can be kept under control with this weight management program. If patient is having higher triglycerids or cholesterol level along with obesity then some special medicines can be designed for such types of patients.

Ans:- It depends after monitioring lipid profile reports . If persistently the lipids reports are normal one can skip statins after weight reduction program.

Ans:- The most important difference between other treatment and our weight management program is our program is a total medical management of obesity which is done by qualified and research based doctors. In this management the treatment are customized as per the pathology of the patient to get better and assured results. It is a total life time life style modification, if followed properly a patient can keep weight under control for a life time period. All herbal drugs which are time tested and researched are used in this treatment with a assurance of negligible side effects. In this treatment patient do not have to work out regularly or join a gym and invest regular time their. No special diet are to be prepared at home . Diet plans are so designed as a person under the treatment can get it in any hotel , in remote area also. No time bound diets are designed which will not have any hurdles in their busy daily schedule. As it is a customized treatment given by expert doctors patient suffering from other disease associated with obesity can also be simultaneously treated. This treatment is less time consuming which requires hardly one or two consultations in a month.The treatment is very cost effective as compared to other cosmetic treatments

Ans:- Absolutely no. There is a myth among the people that if they go for diet control they will feel weak. Actually our body has to spend much energy to digest the food which we consume in excess. That digested food which is in excess also gets deposited in the form of extra fats and also gets deposited in our vital organs. This creates an extra load on our organs which then works by reduced efficiency, thus a obese individual always feel weak. After food restriction no energy is wasted in digestion of food and the stored fats are utilized as a source of energy. Thus the body’s stress is relived and a person feels more energetic and fresh.

Ans:- The medicine which is advised to take for first six days is to be prepared fresh. The active substance used in it gets degenerated after a certain period and the effect of medicine gets decreased. Thus it is to be consumed as early as possible when a person receives it.

Ans:- Alcohol in moderation is good. When on weight control management it is better to quit with alcohol.

Ans:- Smoking is not strictly prohibited in this weight reduction program , but excess of smoking may create number of complains . If obesity is associated with any other problem like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis or any vascular disorder smoking is to be stopped.

Ans:- As this is a totally diet control based program when patient is on this program no vigorous exercise are advised. Warm up exercise like walking can be advised.

Ans:- Yoga does not have any effect on weight reduction or calorie loss. It is known to tone the systems of the body. So it can be continued along with this treatment.

Ans:- Surely yes. If a person has previously under gone for lipo suction or any other surgical treatment he can again opt for this treatment.

Ans:- One size does not fit for all. We are specialized into customized treatment so every patients may not receive the same type of treatment.

Ans:- Honey is having a property of weight reduction as mentioned in Ayurved. It is very important to know the source of honey from where it is collected. At present we are getting cultivated honey which does not have any weight reduction property, on the contrary it contains abundant amount of fructose which helps to put on weight.

Ans:- Coconut water is not allowed in this treatment.

Ans:- No non vegetarian diet is allowed with this diet program.

Ans:- Egg white is allowed with this program after consulting the treating doctor only.