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Each Capsule of Purgicap  contains extract of :

Haritaki    Terminalia chebula             200mg
Kutki         Picrorhiza kurroa              150mg
Yeshtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra        150mg
Jaypal Croton tiglium                          30mg 

Purgicap is one of the unique preparation and formulation which has an dual activity . It has been recommended for chronic and habitual constipation and is also useful in amoebic colitis. Haritaki one of the important constituent of triph

ala stimulates gastric and intestinal motility . Kutki is an important herbs contains  iridoid glycosides
(picrosides I, II, III and kutkoside) Cucurbitacin glycosides (bitterness of root) . It is useful in  constipation,  , liver diseases, viral liver disease especially Hepatitis B Virus (decreases bilirubin levels), toxic liver damage, liver infections, increases protein synthesis in the liver (needed for repair of liver cells), acute and chronic infections, weakened immunity (enhances many aspects of immune system - T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes & phagocytes, Glycyrrhiza glabra is known to protect mucosal layer in stomach and intestines which is disturbed in old age and patients of chronic constipation. It also exerts anti viral activity and helps to maintain normal intestinal flora. Croton tiglium is a strong laxative and is known to break hard stools helping in easy evacuation. Thus it imparts the happiness of evacuation of stools

Indications-  Chronic and habitual constipation.. 

Contraindication No contraindication are reported with Purgicap

Dosage One or two  capsule at bedtime or as  directed by physician. 

 Presentation – 30 vegetarian capsule in bottle packing.



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