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Each capsules of WINAGE contains extract derived from

Ashwagandha- (Withania somnifera ) –200mg equivalent to  1000mg powder
Kawacha beej – ( Mucuna prurenis ) –200mg equivalent  to 2000mg powder
Gokshur – ( Tribulus terrestris) – 100mg equivalent  700mg powder
Shuddha Kuchala – ( Nux vomica)-5mg equivalent  50mg powder
Jatiphal – ( Mrystrica fragrans )- 30mg equivalent  180mg powder

WinAge is a unique research geriatric and sexual tonic, which contains balanced quantity of different herbs. The selection of herbs in WinAge is based on age old principles of Ayurveda and as well as modern research ideology. WinAge contains all major nutrients and minerals, which are required to meet the necessities.

WinAge provides very potent antioxidants, which are most helpful in aging disorders.

Indications – WinAge is useful in physical and mental fatigue, exhaustion, general debility and chronic geriatric disorders.
WinAge is also useful in Erectile dysfunction and related sexual complains like loss of libido and  early ejaculation. It is most useful in male infertility as it is known to induce spermatogenesis.
Kawacha beej in WinAge is useful in Parkinson’s disorder and can be used as adjuvant to contemporary treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Contraindications and side effects- No side effects are seen with WinAge in long term use. People sensitive with any of the ingredients of WinAge are contraindicated.

Dosage- One capsule twice a day before meals or as directed by physician.

Duration – Expected results are achieved after two to three weeks of treatment. One capsule per  day can be continued as maintenance dose.

Presentation – 60 caps in Tamper Proof bottle .

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