About Franchisee

Jeevanrekha Ayurved Chikitsalaya is working in the area of obesity and metabolic disorders since last 23 years.The organisation have treated thousands of patients in the area of obesity and allied disorders. Taking into consideration the scope in this area of metabolic disorders Jeevanrekha extended its vertical to treat Polycystic ovarian disease and coronary artery disease successfully.

After extensive work in the area of pharmacology and drug standardization Jeevanrekha Ayurveda has started managing Arthritis in a different manner.

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Keeping Ayurvedic principals intact and using modern diagnostic tools obesity,PCOD,CADRM ,Arthritis ,Keshyam are the vertical s where Jeevan rekha is working extensively.

Looking into the scope of management organization thought to extend it's hands through other colleges working in this area. Thus an idea of franchising these management came forward and a unique franchisee model was developed.

The franchisee model of Jeevanrekha was developed to create a Win Win Win situation where the organization can complete it's aim to cater Ayurveda scientifically , the associated doctors can get a proper SOP and updated knowledge to cater there patients giving proper results and ultimately the patient's will be highly benefited by getting standardized treatments from the experts.

Jeevanrekha Ayurved chikitsalalya extensively supports the team of our associated doctors to make our management available to the society.

Catering knowldge is the main aim of the organization.

Jeevanrekha has created on line lectures and in person lectures to upgrade the knowledge.

Organization also provides printed notes to the associated doctors along with in hand trainings.

A robust software is shared among all the associated doctors to keep the data of the patient's. The software can be operated remotely when the doctor is not in the clinic which can guide the patient's. The software can also be used for case studies and discussions, accounts ,ordering the Medicines and communication with the patient's.

A strong marketing support is extended to the franchisee which enables the associate doctor to propagate their center by arranging camps and lectures.

Research labs and library along with stay facility is made available for the associate doctors if they are interested in further research in this particular area.

The franchisee model is much beyond the standard franchisee models which has main aim in giving the service to man kind, increasing the scope of Ayurveda along with business.

Jeevanrekha Ayurved Chikitsalaya caters franchisee in the following verticals.

Obesity and allied disorders

Polycystic ovarian disease

Coronary artery disease reversal management


Jeevanrekha Keshyam
(Hair care and growth)

The details of franchisee models and its know how can be mailed to you.