Analytical Services

JAS is a advanced well equipped research laboratory . which includes complete analysis of food,water and drugs.

Sample should be Submitted to laboratory in a clean container ,which is properly labeled.

It is totally depend on the tests to be analyzed.

Payment can be done online or by cheque.

Yes, we have microbiological lab and we do microbial analysis.

We can provide some advice regarding testing as well as we do research counseling by our research panel.

We will be happy to discuss pricing with you and assist with coming up with the most cost effective ways of testing. Formal cost estimates can be provided as an official written quote.

A: No. An invoice is sent out shortly after analysis and after payment you will receive your results report.

A: Some analytical tests have specific hold times, which mean that the sample must be preserved, or the analysis commenced, within a specified time frame. JAS can provide information on this when discussing sampling and analysis requirements. If in doubt, we recommend that samples are submitted within 24hrs of sampling.