Arthritis is a disease of joints. In this disease joints and its peripheral area gets inflamed. There is pain in joints and the movements are restricted.

There are many types of arthritis seen in the patients. The common types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

The symptoms of arthritis varies according to the type of arthritis and the cause of arthritis. Usually there is pain in the affected joint and the movements are restricted. The extra articular symptoms differs as per the type of arthritis.

In osteoarthritis there is a wear and Tear of the joint so it is more over seen weight bearing joints and Lambar joints. Usually this pain gets aggravated after exertion or walk.

In rheumatoid arthritis there is morning stiffness in the joint and the joints get swollen. Along with this symptom low grade fever, maliase, loss of appetite and weakness is observed in some patients.

In gout the greater toe of legs is mostly involved and severe pain and inflammation is seen in the region.

To Diagnose arthritis x-ray of the affected joint, blood test like eSR, cRP, anti CCP antibody, uric acid and hemogram are helpful to diagnose arthritis.

Persons whose immune system is weak and severe viral infections like Chikungunya are more prone to get post viral arthritis.

In The initial phase of the disease rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and go out which are the common type of arthritis can be cured with herbal management.

Wrong lifestyle, genetic predisposition, wrong dietary habits are some of the causes of arthritis. There are Certain causes which can be controlled to prevent arthritis. Those are being overweight, smoking, sedentary Lifestyle, infections, injuries to the joint.

There are some causes which are not in our hands they are called as uncontrollable causes. Those are age, genetic predisposition, gender, climatic and environmental conditions and early life exposure.

Jeevan Rekha Arthritis management have developed customised formulations as per the diagnosis, status of the disease and phenotype of the patient.

Different formulations for different disorders are developed which are advocated along with the particular diet. The medicines used in the formulations are metal free, Guggul free and steroid free. In Rheumatoid arthritis the formulations of Jeevan Rekha targets the immune system, inflammation and Agni of the patient. Immuno modulators like curcumin, Tinocardin certain flavonoids and alkaloids work to pacify the symptoms. The formulations doesn't exert any untoward effects and no need for recurrent blood checkups. These formulations can we use concurrently along with disease modifying drugs of modern medicines.

In osteoarthritis herbal formulations exert their effect by inhibiting leukotrienes and prostaglandins. The medicines also exert their effect on osteoporotic changes of the joints.

In gouty arthritis certain formulations which corrects the purine metabolism and reduce inflammation are used for the patient along with specific dietary controls.

Arthritis is chronic joint disorder where prolong treatments are advised. The duration of treatment solely depends on the status of disease, severity of the symptoms and to the medicine.

Jeevan Rekha arthritis formulations exert their anti inflammatory effect by inhibiting cytokines and interleukins. This will give a slow and study in pain killing activity. if the severity of the pain is more then additional herbal anti inflammatory formulations can be prescribed.

Regular exercise like walking if possible brisk walk for at least 30 minutes everyday is advised for the patient of obesity.

Weight should be controlled by going for calorie restricted diet.

Habits like tobacco, smoking should be avoided.

Person having gout should restrict with alcohol.

Flexibility exercises should be performed regularly.

Follow diet control as advised.