Heart Care

Jeevanrekha Heart Care is working in the area of Coronary Artery Disease and its management since last ten years. Numbers of patients are benefitted and have improved their cardiac status with this management. CADRM(Coronary Artery Disease Reversal Management) is a unique management developed by the doctors of Jeevanrekha Ayurved.

Keeping in mind that contemporary procedures for CAD are not going to have any positive effect on pathology of the disease and looking to words the cost of which the common man cannot afford surgical procedures, JHC has developed a unique management which is proving benefitted to prevent fatal complications of CAD. The most important causes are insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, PCOD, etc. Excess of lipid peroxidation also plays as an important risk factor in obesity. All these factors collectively or singly causes obesity . Thus obesity can be said as complex disorder, where causes is to found and must be managed like wise. With the help of cardiac bio markers it has been observed that CADRM is not only helping to treat coronary artery disease but also helping in preventing cerebro vascular disease too. Jeevanrekha Heart Care has developed its own Research laboratory for proper evaluation of patient and secondly for standardizing of medicines. Jeevanrekha Heart Care is having its own research team with physician, Ayurved experts, pharmacist, nutritional consultants and exercise trainers..

Mode Of Action :- Jeevanrekha Heart Care (JHC) is an unique management working on the core pathology of micro vascular disorders. It should be very clear that Jeevanrekha Heart Care management is only intended to treat micro vascular disorders and not any valves disorders or congenital disorders of heart.

Microangiopathy is genetic as well as life style disorder where multiple pathologies play a vital role which plaques in the small arteries. Though the name is Jeevanrekha Heart Care it for other disorders like CUA or DUP vein thrombosis, the end result of micro vascular disorder is either plaque formation or hardness of smooth muscles of arteries. Thus Jeevanrekha Heart Care intends to treat the disease that is micro vascular disorder and treatment of plaques in an accendary positive effect.

Hence JHC is a treatment which can be given to people who are strong candidate of CAD and CUA who are not fit for the surgical procedures, those patients who are having recurrent evidence of plaques.

JHM have an holistic approach towards CAD and cerebro vascular accidents where only the plaques or thrombosis is not only considered but the whole environment of the body and molecular pathologies are considered to manage the disease for the patient of CAD vulnerability of the heart ,vulnerability of the blood and vulnerability of the plaque (blockages ) are considered. Among these, plaque vulnerability is given a prime importance. As we know plaque in coronaries are the aging impact and all plaques do not create a MI, so inflammation, encapsulation and oxidation of the plaque are considered in the management of CAD. Due to genetic expression small capillaries and arteries become harder and harder which creates obstruction to the blood flow and also creates turbulence which aggravates pathology of thrombosis. Jeevanrekha Heart Care managements intend to down regulate the genetic expression of microangiopathy.

Apart from this pathology,

  • Deranged nutritional status
  • Aromatization
  • Insulin resistance at endothelial level
  • Deranged Glysation activity on endothelium
  • Deficiency of vitamin K2
  • High homocystine
  • Metabolic syndrome etc

All together or partially are responsible for the micro vascular disorder which leads to CAD.

Jeevanrekha Heart Care managements have a unique and prognostic cardiac profile which pinpoints the pathology of the disease. Once the overall status and pathology in particular patient is decided personalized formulations as per the status are designed and advocated to the patient. Along with the medicine, a specific diet with a complete Ayurved as well as scientific background is designed for the patient.

The overall effect of these formulations results into lowered VCAM (vascular cell adhesion molecule) and ICAM (Intracellular adhesion molecule). This management also controls oxidation of LDL ,reduces Glysation impact on the tissues and enhances vitamin K2 levels which inhibits hardening of smooth muscles .Apart from these effects certain formulations has great impact on the inflammation of the plaque which helps to regress the size of the plaque partially. Certain formulations in the management increases cyclic AMP resulting in strengthening of cardiac and smooth muscles.