Jeevan Rekha ki shyam is hair growth and hair Restoration management in which different management are clubbed together for the betterment of hair growth and maintenance.

Jeevan Rekha keshyam comprises of platelet reactivated plasma therapy along with stimulation hair roots. The treatment also contains certain standardise herbal management in which the Herbs are intended to have a better hair growth and healthy hair growth.

Jeevanrekha keshyam also includes certain blended and processed oils which maintain healthiness of scalp and prevent infections to the scalp.

Platelet reactivated plasma therapy vision therapy where plasma rich in growth factors is injected over the scalp. This treatment repair the damage collagen improve the elasticity and hyaluronic acid of the skin. It is the safest management ever for hair growth and hair restoration.

Along with pRP treatment jeevanrekha ke shyam offers certain herbal management which have multiple mode of action.

Apart from treating collagen the herbal management also works to prevent testosterone to deoxy testosterone which is useful in treating androgenic baldness. The herbal blend used in Jeevan Rekha keshyam is an unique medicine which increases blood flow towards the hair roots. The formulation also helps in nourishing the hairs.

It depends on the amount of hair fall or the amount of baldness. Generally 3-4 settings are needed to get desired results.

30 to 45 days interval is sufficient time between 2 settings.

Jeevanrekha keshyam is absolutely safe. It doesn't have any allergic or systemic side effect.

Certain diet control likes control of excess salt consumption, packed food and junk food, tobacco and smoking is restricted along with treatment.

Treatment can be taken in people Having male or female type baldness. Those who are having severe hair fall, those who have started with androgenic baldness, those youngsters whose hairlines are going on the backside can have this treatment.